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How to effectively develop software saving time and money


We must state one very important fact: Saving time and money in software development is neither a miracle cure for every company nor a perfect solution for every problem. Outsourcing makes sense for cutting costs while reducing workload on the employee. During the research of Top Software Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush. There is a number of situations when software outsourcing can be highly profitable – we have prepared a few real-life scenarios to help you check whether your company can benefit from building the software abroad.


If one had to pinpoint the most burning issue in the present software development world, it would definitely be the lack of experienced developers on the market. The demand for such professionals is very high and universities still fall behind with providing the workforce. While almost every software company would prefer to hire new developers on site, they very often are simply not able to do that. Especially when thinking of the most experienced programmers, as they are usually lured by the leading players in the industry – tempting them with good PR, very attractive projects and extremely high earnings. Therefore, medium and small software companies usually decide to outsource some of their work. But must the outsourcing always be an unpleasant necessity or may it also turn out to be a perfect solution for your business?

The problem with the lack of experienced developers becomes increasingly evident when unexpected but very lucrative business opportunities occur. While all of your developers are engaged in an on-going development or maintenance and the new, profitable project needs to be done in a short period of time, recruiting new employees may not be the best solution. Firstly, it is very unlikely that you will find a new developer quickly and he or she will, in fact, turn out to be a top-notch specialist. Secondly, hiring fulltime employees is useless in the face of a short-time commitment project. This is a situation when you should seriously consider outsourcing as it is a chance to augment your team with experienced people and if you want to scale down later, it usually means nothing more than making a phone call to a competent person nearshore. Therefore, it is usually the best solution for such short-term projects.


A similar situation arises when you need to develop a project using technologies which are beyond your in-house competence. If your company specializes in providing web solutions but after a while one of your clients decides that a mobile app is also necessary, outsourcing this work to a team of mobile developers is almost always a better decision than starting to organize a whole mobile department from scratch. The same goes for specific technologies – nowadays the digital world is extremely diverse and you cannot simply divide it to web and mobile or frontend and backend. Most software companies use only certain programming languages and frameworks and if you suddenly need to develop an application using technology which is unknown to your developers, outsourcing this part of the project may turn out to be the best solution. It is even more likely when speaking of new and still niche technologies, e.g. face recognition, internet of things, etc. Finding a software house which focuses solely on providing such specific products almost always means working with first-class experts.


Complete solutions and prototype apps

If your company’s technical expertise is limited, meaning it is not a software company, hiring remote developers is not enough – you need a comprehensive solution, with know-how included. Fortunately, modern software houses offer outsourcing which is way beyond code writing. They can assemble complete teams consisting of not only developers but also analysts, testers, graphic designers and project managers. You only need to present your business goals or describe the problem which you are encountering and they take care of everything else – from technical analysis to developing a complete product and (if needed) carrying out further maintenance.

On the other hand, sometimes you are not wishing for a complete and comprehensive product, but rather want to build a prototype application. This is a scenario common among fresh startups which need to develop an MVP (minimal viable product) to validate their initial idea but also for established companies which want to carry out pilot studies and test a new business opportunity without overspending their budget. We know that the nearshoring revolution introduced attractive price-performance ratios, therefore hiring an experienced outsourcing team is very often a good way of checking if the business idea is viable without the risk of throwing all your money down the drain.

But if your budget is very limited, there is an even cheaper way of having your prototype application developed – hiring freelancers. Nowadays, the whole procedure is a lot easier because of the flourishing business of online freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Guru. You must, however, keep in mind that hiring a freelance developer does not equal hiring a complete outsourcing team, especially in terms of receiving a comprehensive solution with business analysis, know-how etc. And if you want to build a whole team of freelancers, get ready to train your project management skills. However, you must make sure that the abilities of the remote team which you are going to choose are tailored to the needs of your business project.


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